Monday, April 24, 2017

Love the look

Although, I still love to put outfits together and dress up, I can't lie, the crazy selection of cool sneakers and athleisure wear available in today's world is amazing. Long gone are the days of trying to find something somewhat stylish and casual to wear without looking like a slob or as if you just stepped off the treadmill! I say? Bring it!! Here are a couple looks to pair with white jeans! (I used to wear almost the same wide leg pants shown above and sneakers to work in my 20's, I remember my boss looking at me strangely. I kept those extra wide leg pants, although they may not fit around my waist anymore) hehe.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Shelter Loves...

Happy Saturday loves!! I've been drawn to feminine details and relaxing moments lately.
Clearly it's evident with this week's pins and posts! Have a fabulous weekend. xx

1. Aerin Lauder's designs are flawless and beautiful without being overly predictable. Her collaboration (which I shared the plates a few weeks back) with William's Sonoma Home is gorgeous as is her Palm Beach home that she drew inspiration from. I love this photo wall moment and the way the frames are displayed. 
2. THIS! and exhale stress too!!
3. Pink has always been one of my favorites! J. Crew is having 25% off their full price items and 40% off all sale items, there are some great deals out there. Everyone looks pretty in pink! 💗
4. This sconce! I must find a home for a pair. 
5. Julia's blog is amazing. Her husband is a photographer and captures the most beautiful moments in her life and of their home. I have a very similar bed to this one. Today is the perfect day to cozy down and read a book with a cup of tea! My advice is to invest in the good bedding

Also, Happy Earth Day!! I am looking forward to green grass and peony season!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Crushing on: woven pendants

I love this one. 
Woven pendants give a space a textural, casual elegance. The trend in fashion and homes is to create a comfortable, welcoming but updated look with an unexpected mix of layers and finishes. 

Similar light Serena and Lily. 

Ikea version 

Ikea version

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Love the look - home

Hello, hello friends! Between Easter weekend and my business I've been running non stop. (oh and school vacation!!) I'm excited that I'm blogging today and to share that I've started a new series. As most of you know, I share my fashion favorites and create an outfit based on current inspiration almost weekly. I've decided to add a bi-weekly room post to the "love the look series".  I hope you had a fabulous holiday and if you're local, vacation week! 

With summer around the corner and no plans for a vacay anytime soon, I thought I'd day dream and devise a design based on creating a tropical oasis by the pool this summer season. Here are the details on my scheme and finds!! Enjoy. xx

Chaise lounges - LOOK at these! They are nothing short of fabulous! As is this pink umbrella!!
Garden stool - a place to rest your cold drink or cocktail of course. I liked the idea of mixing pale grey with the white chaises and aqua cushions.

This Sunblock (SPF 30) from Beautycounter  is hands-down the best I have tried. I use it under my makeup everyday. It's free of harmful chemicals, goes on smoothly and does not leave any white residue. (that drives me crazy) For a limited time, with your purchase of a full sized tube you'll receive a travel size for free! (perfect for your purse or beach bag)

Melamine plates - This tropical print is beautiful.
Striped cotton pool towel 
Swan float

Thursday, April 13, 2017

In my dreams..

Let's play a game for a few minutes called, "let's pretend".  Let's pretend I am a famous actress and have a gazillion dollars. I certainly would have a house built and design every last detail...with that said, I'm loving what Molly has done with her gorgeous Pacific Palisades home and property. Molly Simms is a professed design junkie. She has fabulous taste and did an amazing job creating the house of her dreams for her family. I'm especially loving her mix of new and old styles and the use of her paint colors and ideas. Let's take a look shall we? I have JUST the client to show that kitchen to for inspiration! Do you have design project you'd like help with?? We're taking on new client's at Shelter! xx All images via AD.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Love the look - Shopbop annual sale!!

Shopbop's annual Spring sale is one of my favorites! I have rounded up my Spring and Summer essentials list. See the details and goodies below. Happy shopping!! (Be sure to use code: Event17 upon checkout)


Monday, April 10, 2017

Shelter Loves...

I literally ran around like a crazy person on Friday, so I'm sharing the 'love' today! Hope your Monday is going beautifully! I plan to sneak in a run before my kids fly through the door later. Here's what currently floats my boat. xxx
1. I'm obsessed with handmade Fire clay tiles. A client of mine is having it installed on the walls in her bath revamp!! It's going look stunning in the ogee drop style. Check out their amazing selection and color choices! Here's some more below.
Via Emily Henderson

2. I thrilled that dress season has finally arrived. This gauzy animal print maxi dress is so fun but still chic. Whether it's leopard or zebra, I have a thing for a well done animal print.
3. We usually make a signature drink on Easter. This one looks so refreshing. I love grapefruit! (see recipe below)
4. I couldn't agree with Amy more!!!!
5. A client of mine is planning to purchase this piece by the fabulous Angela Chrusciaki Blehm  - Her work and their dimension is super cool, as are her earrings!
6. I need a new watch and have my eye of this beauty. I love the scale and clean lines. 


Serves 2

Infused Gin and Rosemary Syrup

1 cupgin
6cardamom pods
1 cupsugar
1 cupwater
2rosemary sprigs


2 ozrosemary syrup
3 ozinfused gin
1/2 cupgrapefruit juice
splash of prosecco
rosemary sprigs
grapefruit peel


  1. In a small jar with an airtight lid add gin and cardamom pods. Seal and store for 24 hours.
  2. In a small saucepan bring sugar, water and 2 rosemary sprigs to a simmer until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely. Remove the rosemary and use right away, or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week.
  3. To make the cocktail add rosemary syrup, infused gin and grapefruit juice over ice in a cocktail mixer and stir. Using a strainer, divide the mixture in two and pour directly into glasses filled with fresh ice. Top with prosecco and garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a grapefruit. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Love the look...10 spring pretties

Spring has definitely not sprung around here yet. (yes, us northerners dwell on the weather a tad too much in March and April, but can you blame us??). I'm not letting the gray days stop my obsession with purchasing or finding updated, beautiful pieces for my closet. Today I am sharing ten Spring pretties and trends.

From left to right:

1. Ruffle sleeve tops especially in white!
2. Graphic Tees (this one is perfect)
3. and 4. Stripes and more stripes with interesting sleeves
6. White cropped jeans. I need a new pair or two! Rag and Bone jeans are slimming. 
8. All the long boho and floral dresses and jumpsuits like this one
9. Comfy slides - Everything on the Urban Outfitters site is buy one get one 50%

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shelter's Studio!

I was sitting in bed last night scrolling through Insta while simultaneously texting a good friend. This has been my typical way to unwind after a busy day and the often hellacious bedtime duty with my charming children. ;) (last night was not too bad, I only had to break up one fight between the kids). I mentioned to my friend that it's amazing how pulled together and perfect most people's lives look through social media. Mine at times feels anything but that. I should also get back to reading before bedtime but sometimes I am just too tired and have trouble focusing my brain on the words! If that makes sense. I do however appreciate a glimpse inside and behind the scenes of people's lives, especially the creative types. Today, I'm sharing a peek at mine. I've since moved my office to another location but every single item remains basically the same. Here's where you will find me creating schemes, devising drawings, corresponding with clients and of course blogging!! I prefer light and airy spaces to dark and I find color uplifting and engaging. I'm continually updating my inspiration board behind me. Thanks for stopping by today! xoxo  (all photography by Ann-Marie Rollo - she also sells beautiful prints)
I have had a few people inquire about the beach print. It is by Max Wanger, you can purchase it here!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ahhhh Jenna!

It's a funny thing "change", it is bound to come at one time or another in all of our lives. Whether you are the impetus for it or not, only we are solely responsible for deciding how we choose to harness the energy from it. Do we cling to hope and create a new, better version of our existence and selves or do we let fear control our thoughts, mind and heart!? The scary yet wonderful thing is, you get to decide. This is where your strength lies during the uncertain and uncomfortable moments on this crazy roller coaster ride we call life. 

I'm guessing both J.Crew and Jenna needed a change. Hell, she was with the same company for 26 years and has been given a ton of credit for turning the uber preppy, buttoned up company of the 80's + 90's into an ultra accessible and stylish power house! Jenna is a top three style icon for me but not only is she a fashionista, her work ethic and business sense is an inspiration too. Her fearless and innate ability to mix high with low, old and new, edgy with chic is genius. I would not be lying if I stated over half my wardrobe is made up of J.Crew finds. This is exactly what I aim to do with my wardrobe and designs! Jenna we will miss the hell out of you at the helm of J.Crew and can only hope the company will continue to deliver fabulous frocks. What's even more exciting is to see where you end up next, something tells me you have a another trick or two up your sleeve!! Cheers and good luck! We'll be watching..Let's take a peek at the fabulousness of Jenna Lyons!!  (I'm sure every blogger I admire is doing the same today) Stay tuned tomorrow for a peek of my creative space! xoxoxox

HELL YES!!! My Dad taught me this at a young age. Thank god!! I was scared as hell and with two babies but I was able to leave my marriage when I had to get out because of these words of wisdom!

The color palette in my house was inspired by this image!

Word to this!

Her office


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